Dermapen’s advanced skin needling technology uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automated vibrating function. When moved across the skin’s surface it stimulates natural collagen reproduction, whilst allowing fine channels to be created in the skin. The channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin’s fibroblasts to feed the underlying cells in the dermis and basal layer. This increased absorption of active ingredients into the skin creates stimulated repair and faster resurfacing results.

Advanced skin needling promotes scarless healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments but without the side effects and downtime.  

Unlike traditional skin needling rollers, the Dermapen causes less trauma and has minimal epidermal (skin) damage, therefor reducing pain and discomfort and making it a safer, more effective treatment. The disposable needles eliminate risk of cross contamination, whilst the adjustable needle depths allow for treatment tailored to your individual needs. The Dermapen is so advanced that it is even suitable and safe to use in delicate and hard to reach areas such as around the eyes, lips and on the nose.

Your clinician will assess your skin and treatment area to recommend a treatment plan suitable for you

Dermapen is recommended to treat:

  • Aged, sagging skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Smoker's lines around the lips
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars (acne, surgical and burns)
  • Alopecia*

And much more.

Commonly asked questions:

What is the skin’s appearance after the treatment?

After the procedure your skin will be red and flushed in appearance in a similar way to moderate sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness, pinpoint bleeding and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatments and within the next 24-48 hours the skin will be completely healed. After 3 days there is barely any evidence that the procedure has taken place.

How quickly are results visible?

Visible results of skin rejuvenation are generally seen after just 6-8 weeks following procedure and improve further over time.

Is the DermaPen safe?

DermaPen micro-needling does not involve injections and therefore allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely to occur. It is minimally invasive, involves minimal downtime (circa 24hrs), rapid healing and requires simple after-care.

Unlike lasers, there is no heat or thermal damage to the skin, therefore reducing redness, swelling and overall downtime.

Unlike needle rollers, Dermapen uses a precisely controlled stamping method to reach a set depth in the skin while minimizing excess damage to the epidermis.

What are the indications for having a DermaPen treatment?

DermaPen treatments are especially effective for aging concerns such as wrinkles, lines, folds and crows feet. General lack of skin radiance, skin firmness and compactness are also an indication for skin needling treatments.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with skin needling?

Side effects experienced with the Dermapen will usually subside within 48 hours. They include red or pinkish skin, stinging, itching, tightness of the treated area. To help with this, be sure to adhere to your aftercare instructions following a Dermapen treatment. This will help to reduce redness, swelling, itching and discomfort and alsoenhance results.

What does a DermaPen treatment feel like?

The tiny needles are the size of acupuncture needles but there can be some discomfort over some areas of the face (ex upper lip, jawline). Those undergoing lighter treatments with a shorter needle will only feel a tickling sensation, while those undergoing treatment with the full 2.5mm, as used in scar remodeling, will notice more discomfort. Most people then find that the treatment is very easy to have done and easy to recover from.

How many DermaPen treatments will I need?

Each person’s skin conditions are different and require different levels of treatment. Those with mild wrinkles and fine lines may see improvement after 1-2 treatments, while more advanced skin conditions like acne scarring will need a series of 3-5 treatments for maximum results. Treatments are done 4-6 weeks apart.