Botulinum toxin:

R70 per unit. (PRICES ARE APPROXIMATE depending on number of units used which varies from person to person.)

Frown approx. 20U –  R1400

Frown and Brow Lift approx. 25U – R1750

Forehead approx. 10-20U – R700-1400

Eyes/Crows Feet approx. 12-20U – R840-R1400

Mouth approx. 10U – R700

Neck approx. 20U – R1400



Hyaluronic Acid Fillers – Various types according to area and individual need.

We charge from R2600 per treatment. Treatment cost depends on the amount and type of product used and is charged per syringe.

Juvederm R3000 - R3600 per ml

Perfectha R2600 per ml

Ellanse R2800 to R3400 per ml


PDO threads

PDO straight threads R350 per thread

Full face rejuvenation with PDO threads R4500

Eyebrow thread lift R1000 per eye

Screw and barbed threads R500 each


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift:

One thread both sides of the face (2 threads in total): R6900

Two threads both sides of the face (4 threads in total): R12 000


Dermapen Micro-Needling:

Face – R1500

Face and Neck – R1800

Face, neck and Chest – R2000

Add Anti-aging or Anti-pigmentation concentrated serum for R100, or DMAE skin tightening ampule for R150.


Chemical Peels:


Neostrata Glycolic

20% – R400

35% – R500

50% – R600

Jessner's Peel – R500

Mesopeel melanostop - great for difficult pigmentation: R650


TCA pain control Peel (15%) – R1500 - requires 2 peels within 8 weeks of each other, package at R3000 with 2 skin products.


Fat Dissolving injections

Desobody R700 per vial

Desoface R800 per vial